NAKED HOPE releases today!

The day after Christmas, I drove through the barren back roads of icy Iowa, making my way back home with my best friend of more than 25 years. (Actually, I was riding—my friend was driving while I pointed out various scenes of interest. More about that in a moment.)

If you’ve never been to Iowa, something you’ll want to know is that the scent of hog farms permeates the air, even on the coldest of days if you’re down wind in an unfortunate spot—which happens frequently in this state, known for its inhospitable winters and corny, down-home, Midwestern culture. The wind blows without restraint across the flatlands that roll out unbroken for 55,875 square miles, creating an icy build-up on the roads.

Iowa in winter is not for the faint of heart.

And yet, this state, which is home to my best friend’s family—a family so warm they would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it—also gifted me with one of the loveliest Christmas experiences.

This Christmas, deep in the arctic belly of Iowa, I reveled in the warmth of a pinion-scented wood fire, and people who are like family with their strong abiding faith in human kindness, fiercely protective spirit—especially toward children, and their unadulterated joy for life.

But I will add that as beautiful as Iowa is…

…with its snow-covered fields…

12-26-13 Iowa drive 055

…which lay sleeping; resting up for next year’s harvest…

12-26-13 Iowa drive 047

Most of what we saw were corn stacks…

12-26-13 Iowa drive 020

…and more corn stacks…

12-26-13 Iowa drive 014

…and still… more corn stacks

12-26-13 Iowa drive 010

Which leads me to simply this. If you’re planning to be a rider looking at repetitive scenery any time soon, or just want an entertaining read, may I recommend my latest release, NAKED HOPE, which releases today, exclusively through Amazon’s Kindle program. The book will be available in print through The Wild Rose Press April 16, 2014, but for now, it’s available in the Kindle e-book format. If you prefer to read books on your iPad or iPhone, just download the kindle app.

Wishing you the softest of holiday breezes (preferably not downhill from a hog farm) and the joy of unstoppable love.

Rebecca E. Grant

Love is Unstoppable

perf5.000x8.000.inddNAKED HOPE, a contemporary romance by Rebecca E. Grant

Jill’s fingers moved decisively through the test packets and other instruments she needed, More than a little aware Gavin Fairfield watched her every move. She pulled her laptop from its docking station, and turned to retrieve her briefcase from the floor, only to find that he’d gotten there first. The casual grace of his lean body as he straightened, and the strength of his outstretched arm from years of conducting orchestras, were all-too familiar. Yet, this more charming mature version of the man she knew to be an egotistical tyrant unnerved her.

Jill’s fingers closed over his as she accepted her briefcase. “Mr. Fairfield, I always like to set an agenda so the client is informed.”

“I’m a client now?” he grinned.

Her mouth tightened. “Unless you suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury, you’ll never be the client. As the parent of a potential client who is a minor, we will be establishing three things over the next four days. The first is whether Olivia can navigate the academic rigor of the program–”

“Of course, she can,” he interrupted.

Ignoring him, she continued, “The second is to establish her emotional state. Last, we need to determine whether she has enough emotional support and guidance from her family. Specifically, this will mean looking into you, Mr. Fairfield.”

The maestro gaped.

For the first time since she crossed the threshold of Ross’ office that morning, a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth.

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4 thoughts on “NAKED HOPE releases today!

  1. Congratulations on the book’s release, Rebecca! I know this story is dear to your heart and I know it will bring Joy to readers for years to come… What a gift to the world this holiday season.

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