About Rebecca E. Grant

Rebecca E. Grant

Author website: www.RebeccaEGrant.com As an author, I’ve always believed that love is unstoppable, and that writing women’s fiction and romance is a little like cooking. First, I like to lay my hero and heroine out gently on a well-oiled surface, take some seasoning up in my hands and smooth it into them until they’re so flavorful they’re ready to pop.

Then I let them steep awhile in a nice marinade. When they’re at their most succulent, sometimes I’ll put them in a slow-cooking oven and turn them over and over, and other times I’ll toss them on a blazing grill to sizzle.

Either way, at some point in the story, they are going to devour each other!

After many years in higher education, I now spend most of my time writing. The window of my writing loft looks out across a wetlands where wild turkeys and other creatures teach me balance and offer renewal. My years of study in the field of human behavior help me to do what I love most—create compelling characters who understand the interconnection between the human psyche and the human heart.

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Rebecca E. Grant, Love is Unstoppable


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