Do Cowboys Exist Anymore?


clint-eastwoodIn one of my social media groups someone asked, “Do cowboys even exist anymore?

I found myself smiling and almost without thinking answered, “Watch out for those cowboys! Seriously… They are deadly.

It’s very likely I was thinking of Cord Archer.

I grew up in the US. The word “cowboy” stirs something spiritual in me.

Because of my country’s history? Possibly.

More likely because the word cowboy is dichotomous, and describes a kind of chivalrous, devil-may-care-but-honor your woman, free-thinking, no boundaries attitude that any business consultant will tell you is quite frankly the foundation of every new, out-of-the-box endeavor. (2)We love cowboys for their bad-boy-loves-the-good-girl-who-loves-to-be-bad ways. We love the twinkle in their eye, the cut of their jeans, the sprint in their step, the chink of their spurs, and the feel and smell of a man whose arms and legs know how to tame a mustang… and a woman. And who knows down deep that she’ll do a little taming, herself 🙂

Cord Archer is exactly this kind of cowboy.

And while he could have just about any girl, the only girl he wants is Mattie Rayne. The problem?

Cord’s daddy is the craziest, most dangerous psychopath serial-killer awaiting execution on death row in the Montana State prison system… and the world just won’t let Cord forget there’s such a thing as the psycho gene… which means one day Cord may wake up to find he’s just like his daddy.

Can the honorable cowboy he is allow Mattie to take that risk?

Meanwhile, Cord is being stalked by a sociopath who wants Mattie Rayne, dead.

The only thing deadlier than a psychopath is the random unpredictability of a sociopath. God help the man who has to contend with both.

CRADLE OF LIES available now on Amazon or through the publisher, Red Sage

So, do cowboys even exist anymore? I can only speak from my personal experience… and that is writing two cowboy stories caused me to absolutely fall in love with the cowboy as an IDEAL… and in my heart, I believe the true spirit of a cowboy still exits.

Maybe, just maybe there’s a cowboy in your future? black hat cowboy

If you’re looking for a cowboy, oh, how I hope you find him. And, if you need a little inspiration, read CRADLE OF LIES. It might scare your pants off, but isn’t that what cowboys are for? 🙂

Soft breezes, all. Thanks for dropping by.

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