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blackbirds-zoomI drifted awake this morning to the sound of blackbirds cawing as they flew past my bedroom window. So many, they blackened the light.

When they’d passed, my window turned golden from a weak but lovely winter sun… the kind that has almost no warmth, and yet holds the ability to brighten the world, and lighten hearts.

sun on snowAccording to spirit animal mysticism, blackbirds indicate change. Often, major change. They foretell of shifts. Shifts of point of view—shifts of the heart—shifts in fortune.


Here in the northern hemisphere, it’s been a tough winter. So, the gift of sun, no matter how weak, is a welcome gift… and quite a change from the last 65 days.


Before I left the academic and corporate world to write, I was a “change expert”. I spent years studying the science of change and how people manage change, or don’t. How they adapt to change, or don’t. How change breaks people who can’t or won’t adapt. How people resist change, try to rush change, or slow change.

Human beings just aren’t very good at allowing change to happen naturally. To evolve. And even though I am a so-called “expert”… guess what? I frequently fail when it comes to dealing with change effectively.


Where I live, in the upper Midwest, we are a long way away from spring. But sun, and a forecast of almost 40 degrees (despite the cover of more than eight inches of fresh snow) hint at change.

perf5.000x8.000.inddAnd here’s another change. For the next four days, my latest contemporary romance,NAKED HOPE is available on Amazon as a FREE DOWNLOAD!

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The prevalent grey skies of winter are not always the best conductor of romance. So, if you’re a little light on romance at the moment, download NAKED HOPE for free and enjoy the sizzling, sexy, smart and often funny exchanges between Gavin, a gifted musician who suffers from survivor’s guilt, and Jillian, a highly respected research psychologist in the field of traumatic brain injury—who, incidentally, is the only woman who can help Gavin overcome his survivor’s guilt.

But, have you ever heard the phrase Karma’s a bitch”?

Well… Gavin is intimately familiar with just how much burning a bridge can cost. Because fourteen years earlier when Gavin first met Jillian, things did not go well.

Yep… karma’s a bitch.

Or, maybe not 🙂

Read NAKED HOPE for free and find out.

Wishing you soft breezes, the promise of spring, and evolutionary change that fills your life with joy and satisfaction.

Rebecca E. Grant
Love is Unstoppable

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you’ll visit me at author J.A. Lynch’s blog for my guest interview today!

Author J.A. Lynch blog (2)Only two days until the release of CRADLE OF LIES, my romantic suspense cowboy story.

For more information, visit my interview today or stop by my website.

Wishing you the loveliest of weekends,

Rebecca E. Grant, Love is Unstoppable!

CRADLE OF LIES releases in 20 days!


It’s a thrill to announce that CRADLE OF LIES, my contemporary cowboy romantic suspense releases April 1!

Stay tuned for information about giveaways, reviews, interviews and guest bloggers. Meanwhile, enjoy the fabulous cover.

Want a sneak preview? Here’s a link to the first chapter. Or visit my website.

Forced to spend the first sixteen years of his life witnessing some of the most epic murders ever committed, what kind of a life can Cord hope for? (2)When Cord Archer first meets Mattie Rayne, her incandescent smile heats him like the summer sun, bleaching him clean. Nothing else matters except making her his. Before he can do that, his conscience compels him to explain why he entered an institution at age sixteen and spent five years learning to read, write and function in mainstream society.

Upon learning that Cord is the son of a notorious psychopathic serial-killer, Mattie realizes what a monumental effort it took for him to survive, much less make it all the way back from crazy. Knowing this only makes her love him more.

Just when it would seem Cord is finally about to know love, two phenomenally staggering events irrevocably change the course of his life. First, a sociopath becomes fixated on him. Next, his daddy escapes from prison with the sole intent of tracking him down.

Now, anyone in Cord’s life is at risk because the only thing deadlier than a psychopath is the random unpredictability of a sociopath. God help the man who has to contend with both.

Available April 1 through Red Sage Publications or your favorite online bookseller.


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Rebecca E. Grant, Love is Unstoppable

Win a Free Copy!


Are you as intrigued with the social media phenomenon as I am? Do you hang out in chat rooms?

If so, I’m curious to know which ones, and what you talk about.

The world has gone crazy with social media… it’s the only way our twenty-somethings know how to communicate. (Absolutely no judgment here, just want to better understand social media and how to use it effectively.)

I’ll share first. After visiting many blogs, gathering a close network of 2,762 friends on Facebook (blessings to each and every one of you!), tweeting on Twitter, and visiting Goodreads regularly, I stumbled across a social media site called The Experience Project, and read mixed reviews.

Have you been there?

What sites do you frequent, and why?

Be the first to leave a comment here on my blog (any entry) today (August 15) or  August 29, and you’ll receive a free e-book copy of my award-winning cowboy romance, LIBERTY STARR.

Be well, my friends.


Rebecca E. Grant, Love is Unstoppable

NAKED HOPE **coming soon** published by The Wild Rose Press

Dance, Love, Lovers & Dreams


It’s the last Saturday in July, and I’m writing a scene where my lovers are forced to separate… I’m using this stunning dance, performed by Witney and Chehon, to evoke emotion… how it feels to be severed from the other half of your heart.

What I love most about this dance is not just the emotion of the dance, but the entire story, which includes the story of Witney and Chehon—two people who have the courage and commitment to pursue their dreams.

What is your dream? I’d love to hear from you.


Rebecca E. Grant, Love is Unstoppable!

Liberty Starr Free Read Today


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TODAY’S THE DAY! The Romance Reviews’ Summer Sizzling Reads contest is offering a chance to **win a free copy** of my cowboy romance, LIBERTY STARR–a Sensual Contemporary award winner–perfect for these hot summer nights 😉 Details at or reading