CRADLE OF LIES releases in 20 days!


It’s a thrill to announce that CRADLE OF LIES, my contemporary cowboy romantic suspense releases April 1!

Stay tuned for information about giveaways, reviews, interviews and guest bloggers. Meanwhile, enjoy the fabulous cover.

Want a sneak preview? Here’s a link to the first chapter. Or visit my website.

Forced to spend the first sixteen years of his life witnessing some of the most epic murders ever committed, what kind of a life can Cord hope for? (2)When Cord Archer first meets Mattie Rayne, her incandescent smile heats him like the summer sun, bleaching him clean. Nothing else matters except making her his. Before he can do that, his conscience compels him to explain why he entered an institution at age sixteen and spent five years learning to read, write and function in mainstream society.

Upon learning that Cord is the son of a notorious psychopathic serial-killer, Mattie realizes what a monumental effort it took for him to survive, much less make it all the way back from crazy. Knowing this only makes her love him more.

Just when it would seem Cord is finally about to know love, two phenomenally staggering events irrevocably change the course of his life. First, a sociopath becomes fixated on him. Next, his daddy escapes from prison with the sole intent of tracking him down.

Now, anyone in Cord’s life is at risk because the only thing deadlier than a psychopath is the random unpredictability of a sociopath. God help the man who has to contend with both.

Available April 1 through Red Sage Publications or your favorite online bookseller.


NAKED HOPE cover revealed!


Hello Everyone!

This is such a happy moment for me!

I’m so excited to reveal the cover for my latest contemporary romance, Naked Hope, releasing through The Wild Rose Press mid-summer, 2013!

I want to send a special shout out to Rae Monet, the cover artist. She’s amazing!

Naked Hope is the first romance I ever wrote… the first draft was written more than twenty years ago… and while I’m not one to be self-denigrating… let’s just say that it was perhaps one of the ugliest drafts ever produced 😉

But, at last the story is what it was meant to be and I’m so pleased to be sharing it with you.

Naked Hope makes its debut in early 2013.

Below is a brief excerpt. You can read more on my website. Stay tuned for more updates, and if you’re in the northern hemisphere, stay warm! If you’re in the southern hemisphere… we envy you your beautiful summer!

XOXO Rebecca E. Grant

Love is Unstoppable

Naked Hope—Chapter One

The oppressive late summer heat clung to Jillian Cole like shrink wrap and followed her as she pushed through the heavy-framed door of the Wilson Institute. Air conditioning must be out again. She peeled off her light shrug and headed down the shiny tiled hallway.

Just outside Dean Chapman’s office, Nona, the dean’s administrative assistant, blocked her path holding a tall glass of ice water. “Take this in with you.”

Jill glanced at her watch. “He’s thirsty already? We haven’t even gotten started yet.”

Nona shook her head, a smirk flirting on her lips. “That’s for you.”

“For me?” Jill’s serious demeanor warmed. “Thanks, Nona. I noticed the air’s out again.” Gratefully, she lifted the glass to drink.

Nona’s grin broadened. She inclined her head toward the dean’s office. “Better save it for in there.”

Jill offered a confident snort.  “No worries. After seven years, this meeting is practically routine. I act indignant and offended, Ross acts like he’s in charge, but in the end, we always manage a reasonable compromise.”

Jill swung open Ross Chapman’s door.

Two men’s heads turned. One man stood and took several steps in her direction.

She faltered. Her ice water sloshed. Before any spilled, she steadied her glass and took a less-than-delicate swallow. Sweat broke out and beaded across the back of her neck just under her hairline. Gavin Fairfield! Here?

Fairfield’s energy saturated the room like some kind of exotic elixir. The years had been good to him despite the highly publicized tragedy. Tall and tanned with well-muscled arms, Gavin looked as rugged and as aristocratic as she remembered, with two exceptions. The hair at his temples displayed a hint of premature gray that he wore well. More noticeable, though, were his eyes, heavy-lidded and watchful, indicating a great deal of experience keeping the world at arm’s length. Tragedy certainly had a way of tearing at the spirit.

“Ah, Dr. Cole, there you are! Come in, come in.” Ross greeted, pointing to the leather sofa on which their guest sat. “Maestro, I’d like you to meet Dr. Jillian Cole. Jill is in charge of our curricula for kids with traumatic brain injury.” Ross’ smile widened. “We’re very proud of our Dr. Cole. She’s this year’s American Psychological Association’s award recipient for Traumatic Brain Injury Research in Children. Jill, meet the maestro Gavin Fairfield. He is an eminent pianist, composer and conductor here with the Minneapolis Orchestra, and a member of the faculty at the University of Minnesota.”

Would he remember her? Jill extended her hand. The sweat collecting on the back of her neck gave way and trickled down her spine. Her lips stuck as they split over her teeth in what she hoped was a gracious, professional smile.

He grasped her hand, held it a beat longer than necessary, and allowed his gaze to probe hers.

Commanding and cast against his face with the symmetry of a poem, his eyes were a fusion of blue and gray. But where was the heat—the fire she remembered so well? She revised her earlier assessment. Haunted, not distant. However he might try to hide it, Gavin Fairfield harbored a deep sadness.

Jill approached the sofa, eying the nonabsorbent leather surface. If she didn’t stop sweating, she’d leave a telltale puddle.

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Win a Free Copy!


Are you as intrigued with the social media phenomenon as I am? Do you hang out in chat rooms?

If so, I’m curious to know which ones, and what you talk about.

The world has gone crazy with social media… it’s the only way our twenty-somethings know how to communicate. (Absolutely no judgment here, just want to better understand social media and how to use it effectively.)

I’ll share first. After visiting many blogs, gathering a close network of 2,762 friends on Facebook (blessings to each and every one of you!), tweeting on Twitter, and visiting Goodreads regularly, I stumbled across a social media site called The Experience Project, and read mixed reviews.

Have you been there?

What sites do you frequent, and why?

Be the first to leave a comment here on my blog (any entry) today (August 15) or  August 29, and you’ll receive a free e-book copy of my award-winning cowboy romance, LIBERTY STARR.

Be well, my friends.


Rebecca E. Grant, Love is Unstoppable

NAKED HOPE **coming soon** published by The Wild Rose Press

GIFTS OF THE DAY… Thank You, Readers!


The clock blinked 4:59 AM… I woke up to grey skies… not even a hint of pink… or yellow… I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. When that didn’t work, I went downstairs, careful not to trip over my cats (aren’t cats supposed to be nocturnal? Mine are early morning acrobats) and measured out an extra-strong brew. Back upstairs, I flipped open my laptap determined to dive back into the edits my editor has sent me for my next release, NAKED HOPE about a music celeb whose daughter has lost her musical ability due to TBI, when a Facebook message popped up.

A lovely woman by the name of Sonia Areia said she’d just bought my contemporary cowboy romance, LIBERTY STARR and wanted to interview me, and create what she called a ‘mini magazine’ to include a review of my books. I told her I was deep into an intense editing schedule but could respond to her interview questions mid-September. Sonia messaged back and said September would be perfect timing.

By the time I’d finished my second cup of coffee, I was awake enough to realize that already I’d experienced what I like to call ‘gifts of the day’.

  • A reader bought a book and was reading it
  • She contacted me (I love hearing from readers!)
  • She wanted to interview me, post the interview and a review in the form of a mini magazine on her website

I’m reminded that it’s been awhile since I sent out a blanket ‘thanks’ to readers everywhere. Not just my readers, but ALL readers. You are what authors live for. May you experience many ‘gifts of the day’!


Rebecca E. Grant, Love is Unstoppable

What is an Author?

Today on Kate Ganshert’s blog, she asks the question, “what is an author?

I thought, “I’m an author. This will be easy to answer.” But when I started to post my response, I found myself bombarded with so many thoughts, they rolled around in my brain like BBs in a boxcar. Here’s where I ended up.

I believe an author is someone who can both welcome and wrestle creativity into form. Someone who works to refine craft into skills. Someone who also has determination and the ability to make a long-term commitment because writing a book is a marathon not a sprint. Other essential aspects are:

  • The ability to believe in yourself, and surround yourself with a support system who also believes in you, and can (when necessary) gently coax you back from ‘the edge’.
  • The discipline it takes to set aside time,
  • Emotional maturity to accept feedback from others, and pursue ongoing education to learn how to become even better…

So I guess I’m saying that I believe an author is someone who is engaged in a deep love affair with story, and can stickhandle through the sometimes murky waters of creating, editing, critiquing, rewriting, growing, and believing until finally, a publishing contract is awarded.

The authors I respect most are those who write because they can’t not write. Stories, images, characters call to them until they have no choice but to respond.

It’s like that for me. Some days writing is really hard. Most days, writing is pure joy. Like any author, much of what I produce is unoriginal crap. Fortunately, it generally ends up on the on the editing floor, and only my laptop, my editor, and I ever know about it. I’m so fortunate and profoundly grateful that some of it actually makes it into a story, and the story becomes a book.

I’ve buried the lead here, but each time one of my stories becomes a book, my deepest hope is that it will touch the heart of every reader. And that’s my inspiration… that you will be touched.

Drop by Kate’s blog to read what others think. Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

Rebecca E. Grant, Love is Unstoppable

Structure is the Name of the Game

No matter how experienced you are, or how many books you have published, it’s always helpful to ‘sharpen the saw’ and go back to the basics. I’m deep into a rewrite of my current work in progress, and found Sloane’s tips a vastly helpful refresher.
From Sloane Taylor’s blog, “Sweet as honey… Hotter than hell”
Sloane writes… Structure is the Name of the Game
Let’s work on Syntax and Tighten the Writing. By doing the former you will achieve much of the later.

Syntax is the patterns of formations of sentences and phrases from words and the rules of the formation of grammatical sentences in a language.

Don’t you just love Webster definitions? They make everything so unclear.

In plain English, Syntax means the word arrangement and sentence structure.

Remember that old song by Tom Jones, and later Joe Cocker, “You Can Leave Your Hat On”? It was sexy, vibrant, and made you want to, ahh… er… leave only your hat on.

The phrasing is great for lyrics and dialogue, but oh so wrong for narrative. Why? You should never end a sentence with a preposition. Yes, it sounds right. Yes, we talk that way. Grammatically it is incorrect.

How should it read? “You can leave on your hat.” Sure doesn’t have the same impact does it?

Frequently, grammatical sentences don’t have the same effect and if you find this to be true save the prepositional endings for your dialogue. Sometimes you can’t help but use them in narrative because you need that force or dramatic effect. It’s okay but use it sparingly.

Here’s an example of what Redmond O’Hanlon, Into the Heart of Borneo, Vintage 1987, got away with in his novel;

“My companion, James Fenton, however, whose idea the venture was, enigmatic, balding, an ex-correspondent of the war in Vietnam and Cambodia, a jungle in himself, was a wise old man in these matters.”

I don’t know if Fenton did this as a joke on his editor, if it got missed in the edits, or he wanted this sentence to read as written. But I will guarantee you won’t get away with this type of writing with today’s editors. Be sure to read your work aloud and correct any sentences that are convoluted.

ALOUD is the key word here. Read your work aloud. I can’t stress this enough. It’s the only way to allow your ear to pick up the errors. Sure you’ll feel stupid doing it, even if you are home alone locked in your closet. Get over it. We all experience the same reaction. Here’s your option; let your book go to an editor with written garble and expect a nice form rejection in the return mail.

When you read aloud look for;

• Does your intent come across – action, suspense, romance, sorrow?
• Does something detract from your meaning?
• Fine-tune your sentences until they sound perfect, rhythmic, to your ear.

To further Tighten the Writing get rid of unnecessary words. It will make your writing sound stronger. Those expendable words are, but not limited to;

• A little
• Almost
• Anyway
• At the present time
• Began to
• By means of
• Certainly
• Considering the fact that
• Definitely
• Even
• Is/was/were
• Just
• So
• Some
• That
• Very

Be concise, don’t ramble on with your descriptions. Think about the sections you skim or avoid when you read a novel. Don’t allow that to happen to your reader. Make sure you haven’t flooded a section with so much back story or description you are boring the reader. Get rid of the excess because most of it won’t matter.

Please don’t write you book via Roget’s Thesaurus. Today’s editors want meat in a book, not fat. Readers do not want authors to written down to them. Use the everyday words of your speech and not some $20.00 word that has your reader reaching for their Webster’s.

Avoid clichés like the plague. Get the idea? You are a writer – so write something new.

I’m not being bitchy here. I want you to get published. We should have millions of new books available from the reliable E-publishers and on the shelves of every type bookstore. But, if you don’t do your job the numbers will be low and our future generations won’t have the role models they need.

Have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be back Monday with The Immortal Tux. Until then…

Happy Writing!

Sloane Taylor

To all, hope your weekend is fabulous!
Rebecca E. Grant
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My Book Contract is all Buttoned Up!

Gavin’s Concert Grand

Yay! The contract is all buttoned up. My next book, NAKED HOPE, releases through The Wild Rose Press. The hero, Gavin Fairfield is a concert pianist, composer…

Just imagine how he performs on a grand piano 😉

Rebecca E. Grant  Love is Unstoppable