GIFTS OF THE DAY… Thank You, Readers!


The clock blinked 4:59 AM… I woke up to grey skies… not even a hint of pink… or yellow… I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. When that didn’t work, I went downstairs, careful not to trip over my cats (aren’t cats supposed to be nocturnal? Mine are early morning acrobats) and measured out an extra-strong brew. Back upstairs, I flipped open my laptap determined to dive back into the edits my editor has sent me for my next release, NAKED HOPE about a music celeb whose daughter has lost her musical ability due to TBI, when a Facebook message popped up.

A lovely woman by the name of Sonia Areia said she’d just bought my contemporary cowboy romance, LIBERTY STARR and wanted to interview me, and create what she called a ‘mini magazine’ to include a review of my books. I told her I was deep into an intense editing schedule but could respond to her interview questions mid-September. Sonia messaged back and said September would be perfect timing.

By the time I’d finished my second cup of coffee, I was awake enough to realize that already I’d experienced what I like to call ‘gifts of the day’.

  • A reader bought a book and was reading it
  • She contacted me (I love hearing from readers!)
  • She wanted to interview me, post the interview and a review in the form of a mini magazine on her website

I’m reminded that it’s been awhile since I sent out a blanket ‘thanks’ to readers everywhere. Not just my readers, but ALL readers. You are what authors live for. May you experience many ‘gifts of the day’!


Rebecca E. Grant, Love is Unstoppable