What is an Author?

Today on Kate Ganshert’s blog, she asks the question, “what is an author?

I thought, “I’m an author. This will be easy to answer.” But when I started to post my response, I found myself bombarded with so many thoughts, they rolled around in my brain like BBs in a boxcar. Here’s where I ended up.

I believe an author is someone who can both welcome and wrestle creativity into form. Someone who works to refine craft into skills. Someone who also has determination and the ability to make a long-term commitment because writing a book is a marathon not a sprint. Other essential aspects are:

  • The ability to believe in yourself, and surround yourself with a support system who also believes in you, and can (when necessary) gently coax you back from ‘the edge’.
  • The discipline it takes to set aside time,
  • Emotional maturity to accept feedback from others, and pursue ongoing education to learn how to become even better…

So I guess I’m saying that I believe an author is someone who is engaged in a deep love affair with story, and can stickhandle through the sometimes murky waters of creating, editing, critiquing, rewriting, growing, and believing until finally, a publishing contract is awarded.

The authors I respect most are those who write because they can’t not write. Stories, images, characters call to them until they have no choice but to respond.

It’s like that for me. Some days writing is really hard. Most days, writing is pure joy. Like any author, much of what I produce is unoriginal crap. Fortunately, it generally ends up on the on the editing floor, and only my laptop, my editor, and I ever know about it. I’m so fortunate and profoundly grateful that some of it actually makes it into a story, and the story becomes a book.

I’ve buried the lead here, but each time one of my stories becomes a book, my deepest hope is that it will touch the heart of every reader. And that’s my inspiration… that you will be touched.

Drop by Kate’s blog to read what others think. Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

Rebecca E. Grant, Love is Unstoppable